As a candidate to become your next Sheriff,  I want to thank you for visiting my website and allowing me the opportunity to introduce myself!  I encourage you to take a look around and learn about my background, experience, training, and service to our community.


Growing up I always knew I wanted to be in law enforcement. The experiences I’ve had throughout the course of my career have allowed me to build leadership skills and trusted relationships with leaders throughout Fond du Lac County. Many of these leaders have already pledged their support in my run for Sheriff.


I will continue to work alongside our staff to maintain the positive image and tradition of the Sheriff's Office, while ensuring we remain prepared to handle the ever-evolving needs and expectations of our community.  Please feel free to contact me by using any of the links at the bottom of this page.  I thank you for your support, and I would appreciate your vote on August 14th!     

- Ryan      

Support from law enforcement agencies across FDL County 

August 14, 2018



NEW Arguably one of the most meaningful endorsements announced today. Honored to have  the support of  ALL supervisors and administrators at the Sheriff's Office in both the Jail and Patrol Divisions. Truly humbled by your support and trust in me. 

Also added Letters to the Editor below. 



NEW Final debate for the Sheriff's Candidates prior to the election next week Tuesday. The link to the video is found below.


Tuesday, August 7  - 7:00 PM 

Hosted by the Republican Party of FDL County and WFDL Radio

Monday, July 9 - 9:30 AM 

Between the Lines AM 1170 Debate

Hosted by Greg Stensland

Monday, July 13 - 7:00 PM

Fond du Lac County Sheriff Candidate Forum 

Hosted by Ripon League of Women Voters

** Be advised that half way through the video of the June 13th candidate forum the audio begins to skip. The League of Women Voters apologizes for the inconvenience; however, you can still understand what is being said without much difficulty.   


I'm honored to receive the endorsements of many influential members of our community. Their willingness to publicly endorse me is humbling and I'm grateful for their support. 


To see the full endorsement statement, click the hyperlink for each endorser: 

6.21.18 -  Fond du Lac County Sheriff Mick Fink 

6.28.18 - Fond du Lac Professional Firefighters Local 400

6.29.18 - Tony Barthuly - Retired Fond du Lac Police Department Chief

7.2.18 - Frank Bartzen - Town of Lamartine 

7.2.18 - Duane Bille  - Town of Alto 

7.2.18 - Ken Depperman - Town of Auburn

7.2.18 - Robert Giese - Town of Fond du Lac 

7.2.18 - Jeff Meisenburg - Town of Friendship 

7.2.18 - Gary Miller - Town of Eldorado

7.2.18 - Russell Ratkowski - Town of Oakfield 

7.2.18 - Bob Simon - Town of Byron 

7.2.18 - Thomas Thompson - Town of Osceola 

7.2.18 - Randy Vande Slunt - Town of Waupun

7.9.18 - Steven Abel - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Mike Beer - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Robert Giese - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Sam Kaufman - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - John Rickert - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Marty Schroeder - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Bob Simon - County Board Supervisors  

7.9.18 - Dean Will - County Board Supervisors

7.13.18 - Sam Meyer  - Former City Council President - City of Fond du Lac 

7.16.18 - Tom Dornbrook  - Law Enforcement Executive 

7.16.18 - Gary Durkee - Law Enforcement Executive 

7.16.18 - Scott Loudon - Law Enforcement Executive 

7.16.18 - Kevin Verdine  - Law Enforcement Executive 

7.18.18 - Jake Flaherty - Chief of North Fond du Lac Fire Department 

7.18.18 - Keith King - Village of North Fond du Lac Trustee 

7.18.18 - Jim Moore - Retired President North Fond du Lac 

7.18.18 - Randy Stutz - Village of North Fond du Lac Trustee, Retired EMS Director 

7.20.18 - Dan Bord - Retired Police Chief - Fond du Lac  

7.20.18 - Dale Heeringa - Retired Police Chief - City of Waupun  

7.20.18 - Randy Karoses - Retired Police Chief - Village of Campbellsport

7.20.18 - Dave Lukoski - Retired Police Chief - City of Ripon  

7.29.18 - Jim Gilmore  - Retired Fond du Lac County Sheriff  

7.29.18 - Gary Pucker - Retired Fond du Lac County Sheriff   

7.30.18 - Eric Toney - Fond du Lac County District Attorney 

7.30.18 - Mike O'Rourke - Former Fond du Lac County District Attorney 

7.30.18 - Tom Storm  - Former Fond du Lac County District Attorney 

7.30.18 - Mike Kneeland - Former Fond du Lac County District Attorney 

7.30.18 - Allen Buechel - Fond du Lac County Executive  

8.06.18 - Mark Strand - Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office Chief Deputy 

8.06.18 - Ben Giles  - Fond du Lac City Council Member  

8.06.18 - Bill Gau - Retired Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Captain  

8.06.18 - Mark Horvath - Fire Chief Brandon-Fairwater Fire Department 

8.07.18 - Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office Administration & Supervisors  **NEW**




In government, many times we see the “same old, same old.” There certainly are benefits for communities in experiencing consistency and a history of dependability.  The Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office has historically provided this type of leadership to our communities.  At times though, we are presented with an opportunity to look ahead even more than we have before. Sheriff candidate Ryan Waldschmidt provides us this opportunity.  


I could list to you the knowledge he has gained as he has moved “up the ladder.” I could list to you the important endorsements he is receiving. I could share with you an estimate of the high level of support he has within our agency. No doubt these benchmarks are important. For me though, it’s his personality that I am excited most about, coupled with the fact that he is extremely dedicated in doing the right thing.   

Ryan will take the important leadership qualities he has learned from previous Sheriffs Fink, Pucker and Gilmore and continue to maintain the level of professionalism that has been expected of your Sheriff’s Office. Ryan will then add in his unique way of leading. I have had the opportunity to see Ryan up close in the last two years and I have been very impressed at his ability to navigate many of the hurdles presented to law enforcement officers and our communities. There will no doubt be additional difficult hurdles in our future. Ryan is uniquely qualified to lead your Sheriff’s Office. And yes, it is yours. 

Nate LaMotte

Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office Detective

I ask you to consider learning more about Ryan Waldschmidt and to consider allowing him to lead your Sheriff’s Office by voting for him on Aug. 14.  I have no doubt you will see what many of us see. 

As an employee of the Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office and voter in Fond du Lac County, I will be enthusiastically voting for Ryan Waldschmidt to become our next Sheriff.  Ryan’s credentials as a dedicated public servant, active volunteer and community leader make him the clear choice in the upcoming August 14 election. As a K-9 handler, I see the impact that drug use and opioids are having on our community. Dangerous drugs continue to take lives and the opioid crisis continues to be an issue in and around Fond du Lac.

Over the last 14 months my K-9 partner Koda and I have been working hard to combat this community issue. We have been involved in over 100 arrests, many of these involving dangerous drugs such as heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl.  Since day one, Ryan has been a vocal advocate for our K-9 Unit and encouraged me to establish relationships with other agencies throughout the county.  When staffing permits, I work almost solely on drug interdiction in our county, and many times collaborate with officers from other agencies to target drug trafficking in their communities.  

We will continue to work with other agencies and maintain aggressive efforts to keep drugs off our highways, out of our schools, and out of our community. Ryan knows the importance of our K-9 Program and our fight to remove dangerous drugs from our county. Ryan and I both share the goal of expanding the K-9 program in the future.

Ryan’s dedication and passion to the job, impressive work and volunteer experience along with his willingness to always be available for questions ensures me that he is the right candidate to be the next Sheriff of Fond du Lac County. Please join me in voting for Ryan Waldschmidt for Sheriff on Aug. 14. 

Justin Weisbecker

Fond du Lac County Sheriff's Office Patrol Deputy / K-9 Handler

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