To get Ryan's name on the ballot, we need to collect at least 500 signatures. We can officially start collecting today! If you'd like to help with this effort, you can download the form below. We'll also be handing out forms at the Rescheduled Campaign Kick-Off Party.


Below are a few instructions for those circulating papers:

1. All signees must be Fond du Lac County residents and legally allowed to vote

2. Circulators can be one of the ten signees, but can only sign once if completing multiple pages

3. Circulators must witness all signatures

4. Circulators need to sign & date the bottom of the page only AFTER signature lines are completed

5. Leave the "Page No" box blank. That will be completed by us after all sheets are collected. 

Completed forms can be returned to N3025 Elm Road, Waupun, WI 53963. 


I ask for your vote in the August 14 Primary Election