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24 Years of Dedicated Service to the Citizens of Fond du Lac County

2019 - Present


Uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America, the Constitution of the State of Wisconsin, and fulfill the statutory responsibilities of the Office of Sheriff as defined under Wisconsin State Law.  These statutory responsibilities include, but are not limited to: 


  • Operate and manage the county jail 

  • Provide for the safety and security of the five circuit court branches in
    Fond du Lac County 

  • Transport prisoners to and from the jail, courts, and prisons 

  • Execute civil process orders and writs issued by the courts 

  • Conduct sheriff sales of foreclosed property  

  • Provide water rescue and recovery resources on bodies of water within the county 

  • Keep and preserve the peace in Fond du Lac County, and quiet and suppress all affrays, routs, riots, unlawful assemblies and insurrections 

  • Provide law enforcement and investigative services throughout the county 

2018 - 2019


  • Serve as Undersheriff and fulfill the duties and responsibilities of the sheriff in his absence 

  • Provide daily operational oversight and guidance to both the law enforcement and jail divisions 

  • Prepare the annual budget and manage expenditures 

  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures 

  • Establish annual goals and objectives of the Office 

2016 - 2018


  • Responsible for administrative oversight of approximately 65 employees in the law enforcement division consisting of patrol, detective bureau, civil process, and deputy reserves

  • Operational oversight of major incidents, strategic planning, ensuring department training needs are met, developing budgets, and overseeing expenditures

  • Other duties include media relations, managing the recruitment and hiring process, evaluating employee performance, and developing and reviewing policies

2014 - 2016


  • Assist the jail administrator in operational oversight of the jail division to ensure the health, safety and security of those within the facility

  • Responsible for over 70 employees including Huber/work release supervisor, jail sergeants, correctional deputies, kitchen staff, and 90 volunteers

  • Duties include collaboration with the state jail inspector to ensure code compliance, response and oversight of jail emergencies, strategic planning, scheduling, review of employee performance and evaluations, training, budgeting, policy review, and other assignments 


  • Administrative oversight of the Juvenile Secure Detention facility, which is governed by a set of state statues and codes specific to juveniles

  • Interaction with other counties regarding placement of non-Fond du Lac County resident juveniles 

  • Collaborate with the school district to ensure the child's educational needs are met while they are in custody

2012 - 2014


  • Provide administrative level management of two sergeants and ten patrol deputies as commander of the 3rd shift

  • Coordinate and evaluate the effective delivery of law enforcement services provided by the shift

  • Duties include oversight of investigations, making recommendations for employee promotions and special team assignments, and evaluating and conducting performance assessments of sergeants and patrol deputies

  • Responsible for training, scheduling, policy review, determining equipment needs, and other administrative assignments as necessary

2005 - 2012


  • Provide first-line supervision of ten patrol deputies on both 2nd and 3rd shift

  • Responsible for the review and guidance of investigations, management of major incidents, ensuring adequate staffing for the shift, evaluating performance of patrol deputies, identifying equipment and training needs, and generating press releases

2000 - 2005


  • Provide law enforcement services on both 2nd and 3rd shifts 

  • Responsibilities include responding to emergencies and calls for service, incident investigation, collection and preservation of evidence, report writing, traffic enforcement, fire and medical assistance, and special assignments as determined by shift supervisor



  • Ensure the safety and security of the jail facility and provide for the needs of the inmates 

  • Duties include inmate bookings, capture fingerprints and mugshots, conduct inspections and searches, complete reports, monitor inmate movement, distribute meals, administer medications, and enforce facility rules

1998 - 2003


  • Provide law enforcement services at both public and private events throughout the county

  • Examples include the Fond du Lac County Fair, Waupun Truck-N-Show, fireman's picnics, activities at the fairgrounds, and other events throughout the county

1998 - 2000


  • Part-time law enforcement services to the villages of Brandon and Fairwater

1996 - 2000


  • Part of a specialized volunteer unit with the Fond du Lac Police Department providing a police presence at community events such as Walleye Weekend, company and church picnics, parades, and other special events

1994 - 1996


  • Assist the Fond du Lac Police Department at various community activities including parades, Walleye Weekend, and other public events 

  • Receive hands-on training in areas such as handcuffing, crime scene investigations, proper evidence handling, traffic control, proper radio communication, and conducting traffic stops

  • Program allows teenagers the opportunity to explore law enforcement as a possible career choice​

  • At the age of 16, I joined the Explorer Post and volunteered hundreds of hours at events in the Fond du Lac area.  As my experience and knowledge grew, I was able to ride along with police officers on duty and learn firsthand what a career in law enforcement and public service was all about.

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